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Business Financial & Tax Services


We the team of Business Financial & Tax Services is expert in tax return preparation, electronic filing, and expedited refund services. We pride ourselves in our fast, accurate service and the professionalism of our tax preparers. We stand by our commitment to their work with our customer satisfaction guarantee and we strive to provide you the best professional services at a price no one can beat.
Business Financial & Tax Services is a leader in electronic filing with more than 95% of all of our tax returns filed electronically through the IRS. All federal tax forms that can be electronically filed with the IRS are supported in our software package.
Business Financial & Tax Services prepares all state tax returns and can also complete your city or local return. Because we file returns electronically, we also provide numerous refund options and a diverse range of financial-related services.

We give you Free Estimate of Refund or Money you owe

Make an appointment, discuss your return and see the final result of your return before you file it. Now if you are satisfied with the results, you can file with us if you are not satisfied or you’ve some doubt to clear with someone else, go ahead do it. We won’t charge you anything if you don’t file it with us.

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